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German Hanger

German Hanger

Geman Hanger

A German tent is a type of large, temporary structure typically used for outdoor events such as weddings, festivals, and other gatherings. It’s made of sturdy, waterproof material and typically has a peaked roof and sides that can be fully or partially enclosed.


Dome Tent

A style of tent that has a dome-like shape (Parabolic). Most modern camping tents are dome tents. These tents are comprised of a fabric enclosure. Key points of the enclosure are clipped to heavy GI Pipes, forming the tent’s curved structure.

Exhibition Stalls

An Octonorm Stall / Exhibition Stall is a customizable system mostly used by Events & Exhibition organizers. It carries a Bunch of element including, Panels, Vertical, Spotlight, a fascia name board available in varied sizes. Every Indian Event Management companies use Octanorm stall for the client’s Exhibition Event.

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